Friday, August 31, 2018

Fall Jewelry Designs

New fall designs are available for purchase. They are on sale for 20% off thru Sept 4th. Domestic shipping is free with orders over $20. Check out the fall designs on my Etsy site. A few designs are below.
These fall necklaces are made with fall leaf cutouts, falls charms (pine cone, and leaf) and an African Turquoise bead. Both on suede cord,  one green one brown and topped with a coconut bead. Finished with a Lobster clasp. There are matching earrings available too with and without the leaf cutouts. 

This beautiful owl necklace is hung on Sari Ribbon, one grown and one green. He has one charm a pine cone and yellow Swarovksi Crystal eyes. He is a beautiful additional to your fall wardrobe if leaves are not your type of decor. Only one available.

A lovely skeleton key necklace with sari ribbon. Again, with the green and brown ribbon. For charms, I placed one leaf and one small leaf that hangs with a yellow Swarovski Crystal bead. Only one available and beautiful options for a great fall look.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Life Changes In A Blink Of An Eye

In a blink of a eye, life can change. That is exactly what happened last Wednesday right about noon. Heading home from a doctor appointment, my husband and I were in construction traffic north of downtown heading south towards our house. We had jist come to a stop when a van slammed into our rear-ens at about 45 miles an hour. He hit us so hard, our rear-end came off the ground. We were slammed into the car in front of us and then back again.

At the scene, my injuries appeared more serious. In the emergency room, I insisted my husband get checked out for his injuries. He was reluctant at first but complaining of neck pain so I talked him into getting checked out. Thank God he did because we found out he had a dissection of the carotid arteries due to the extreme blunt movements of the neck during the vehicle accident.

He has since followed up with vascular surgeon and he indicated the dissection is on both sides of the neck. In addition to the dissection of the arteries, he also has a small aneursm in the brain. It is too early to tell if that is the cause of the accident and he has to follow up with a neurosurgeon.

This event has been life-changing for us. My husband was and always has been a primary financial support for us. He is unable to work, even temporarily due to this accident. My injuries are still causing me issues and are yet to be determined how long they will affect my recovery. I am being referred to a spine doctor for check on potential injuries to the spine.

This blog post is by far a plea for sympathy. It is simply a post to help reading to understand how a few seconds can change a person's life. We have insurance and so did the driver at fault yet that will provide no resolve any time soon for us.

As for the driver at fault, he worked for a local cable company in Indy. He was driving a leased van with out-of-atate plates. He was from another state himself. On top of that, he was wearing earbuds in both ears at the time of the accident. During the investigation at the scene, the at-fault driver still maintained one earned in his ear. We suspect he was not looking when he plowed into our vehicle.

We've hired an attorney who is handling our claim. It could take years to get resolve and primarily due to the capacity of our injuries being unknown for some time. Some injuries could be lifelong. It is too early to tell.

One thing we do know, the at-fault driver was negligent 100% and changed our lives forever. We drive with fear and anxiety. We move with extreme pain. With sleep uneasy. Particular with my husband's condition and thank God each day he wakes up. In a blink of an eye, our lives will never be the same. Thank God we are alive! We have faith it will all work out in the end.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Welcome to my new blog. My name is Christina. I am the owner, designer and curator of Christina's Jewelry Creations. You may have a look at my designs by visiting here. Please let me know what you think. I create handcrafted rosaries and jewelry. I love creating pieces and find it relaxing. It is a way to express myself and creativity.

I graduated college in 2010 (late bloomer) with a BA in Liberal Arts. My focus was in anthropology. I also hold a minor in Business and a certificate in Museum Studies. I volunteer at my local state museum and hope to work at a historical site or museum as a result of my education an experience in museums. In the meantime, I do work yet I am off on a work-related injury. Recovery has been difficult as well.

I am happily married to my soulmate. I have been blessed to meet a man who supports every thing I do. I love him even more for that. He is my best friend. We had a Halloween themed wedding. I will share more details and photos on the wedding in a later blog post.

I have grown children. My son is 31, and two daughter 28 and 25. My husband has five children ages ranging from 31 to 18. We both have one grandson each who we love dearly. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you will likely see them time to time.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over 10 years and struggle with pain daily. It has progressed through the years. While medication helps with pain, it never truly takes away all the pain and stiffness that comes with this invisible disease. Depression can come with pain and ita difficult to pull put of it sometimes. If you suffer from an invisible disease, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to talk.

Enough about that, please take a look at my designs and please follow me on Instagram  and Facebook. I would love to connect with you. If you found me on the this blog, please let me know.

Thanks for reading! Blessings!


Fall Jewelry Designs

New fall designs are available for purchase. They are on sale for 20% off thru Sept 4th. Domestic shipping is free with orders over $20. ...